Every professional needs the benefits of networking

You give so much. Where do you go for validation, understanding, and a sympathetic ear? Those who do work similar to yours are in the best position to understand all that you do in your work. They also have resources you may need, referrals to share, and advice from someone who gets what you’re going through. Whether you do intense healing work with dozens of client/patients daily or simply work with others, you need support, too. Networking with other healing professionals can boost your energy, give you ideas, and show you that you’re not alone.

Spending time with colleagues can be hugely supportive whether it’s over a cup of coffee or at at workshop. Sometimes you need encouragement to rest and take time for yourself. Sometimes you need someone to listen to you for a change.

Colleagues to bounce ideas off each other.  You need  a support network, colleagues who are friends that you can call when you have a professional dilemma or concern. Discuss successes and challenges that only a colleague will understand.

How do you recharge your professional batteries?

It can be hard to make time in your work week for one-on-one meetings but there are many ways to network. Workshops are a great way to recharge and connect with colleagues, who may become friends. They offer a time-out of your regular routine to get new ideas and remember why you do your demanding work in the first place. Online forums can also be great, if you can find a good fit.

One of the best resources I know for healing professionals is my book, Issues in Your Tissues.  It is appropriate in any healing context as it focuses on the interconnection of physical and emotional. I encourage you to read it for yourself, personally, and to check it out as a resource for your clients or patients. It has clear , intuitive explanations of breathing, self-care, and alternative healing concepts.  It also had easy-to-use tools and exercises for your clients. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Have copies on hand to sell (or give) your clients as a welcome and practical resource.

My dentist has a copy sitting in her waiting room and has copies for sale with the receptionist.





* I have a vision for a comprehensive Healer’s Network but it is not yet realized.

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