The Maui Healer Blog for Healing Professionals and Clients

Maui Healer Blog for Healing Professionals and Clients

The Maui Healer Blog for Healing Professionals and Clients can now be found at the Growth & Healing Center on Healing Denise LaBarre writes about physical issues from and emotional perspective, and emotional issues with a physical approach. Find articles and information for you and your clients. Subjects include:

Professional teaching and guidance

How to handle emotional release in your clients

The Issues in Your Tissues Quiz

Body-Emotional subjects

How to find a great bodyworker/How to receive bodywork well

High Sensitivity as a Gift

How to deal with monsters in your emotional closet

How to hold space for emotional release

The emotional underpinnings of fibromyalgia 


What are your hips trying to tell you?

Health tips

All about turmeric and inflammation + recipes!

Benefits of magnesium

Issues in Your Tissues goodies for you and your clients

“Breathing Like you Mean it”  PDF

Square Breathing audio demo



It’s very well-written!

I really like your book, and it really helps me understand what’s happening in my body. From a writer’s standpoint, it’s very well written!    ~ Sarah Rupenthal, Journalist

God-given Gift

Your book is wonderful.  The first story I opened is the one of the lady who was abused as a child.  The concepts you used to help her reminds me of the ones I need to remember.  So simple, so important, they are the basics of our being.  You have a great mission field for which you are willing to use your God-given gift.  Thank you for your willingness to help others!              ~ Linda Brown, Lubbock, Texas