Denise LaBarre's Passion Statement

Denise LaBarre's Passion Statement

Why do I do this? When I’m doing this work, my heart opens wide and I’m in the Zone.  I feel connected to something far greater than myself – to Spirit and all that IS. This is what I’m here on Earth to do, my life’s service. My intuitive gifts help me understand the emotional energy I perceive in people’s bodies. My skill with words helps me translate my insights so people can understand how they’ve become disconnected and ill. With that understanding clients quickly make connections that heal. I am a mirror who can reflect back to you that you are beautiful, powerful, and worthy of love. I want to empower you so you’ll connect with your innate worthiness and best health.

As an out-of-the box kind of person, naturally my work doesn’t fit into any particular box. Living on this remote rock in the middle of the ocean (Maui) allows me to do things differently. If you also don’t fit into a box, or you are looking to be free of a box you are in, I can help you connect dots and expand into your true greatness. The way I see it, dis-ease and illness start with a disconnection. Simply put, healing is a reconnection. Whether you see it as connection to Source, your innate healing, or greater blood and energetic flow, it feels fantastic!

If you are on a healing journey, I would love to be of service to you. In my writing and in private sessions, I use metaphors and intuitive explanations to cut through the mind’s defenses and get to the feelings beneath.  Simple deep breathing  and non-judgmental guidance then opens your body to allow healing energy to flow again. Whether you’re reading my book or are on my table, you feel it. That visceral experience is the key, is healing. You can’t get it by words or thought alone. You have to go inside, with attention and breath. (I show you an easy way to do this.) Once you feel that connection again, your healing can take off!

“It is my great honor and privilege to empower people to make their own healing connections – personally and professionally. I want to help you realize your highest potential as a healer, as a person. I’d love to help you feel and perform better.”                    ~ Denise LaBarre

Testimonial: This is Work that Illuminates

I read the book – loved it! – and then went to Maui to have a session. What Denise does in person is light years ahead of even what she describes in her book. Maybe because it was exactly what I needed. I don’t have words to describe what happened, but it feels like a light went on and I hadn’t even realized my bulb was out. I am blown away and forever grateful.               ~ T. Faught, Integrative Therapist, Phoenix