What is a Healing Catalyst?

Maui Healer - What Is Healing Catalyst?A catalyst makes connections that wouldn’t otherwise happen.  A “healing catalyst” makes healing connections for the people ( or maybe animals or plants) they work with.  I prefer the term “healing catalyst” to “healer” for myself because although I am an integral part of the healing process, I am not the one doing the healing. That’s up to the person and the Divine. 😉

I use my intuition to make healing connections for my clients that they are not otherwise making on their own. When they experience the connection between their blocked emotions and their physical problems, they begin learning to make these healing connections for themselves. I especially love to work with other healers, sensitives, and people who are ready to transform.

Are you a healing catalyst?

Most of my clients are sensitives and many are healing catalysts, themselves. You may be a healing catalyst, without necessarily having that term for it. The way I see it, any person with a healing intention, skills, and experience could be a healing catalyst. In my definition, there’s a connective, out-of-the box aspect to this idea. We each have something unique to contribute in life.  If you are using your unique experience, knowledge, skills, and internal guidance to help others heal – you’re likely one, too.

Alternative and boundary-crossing healing professionals are healing catalysts. An MD who consciously uses her intuition and is open to non-medical possibilities is one. People without the degrees or even formal recognition can be healing catalysts.  A hairstylist who listens with love and uses her wisdom and experience to help people is one.


Client testimonial:

I knew my body was trying to communicate with me, but I was not able or perhaps even willing to put it into words. Denise, with spot-on accuracy, brought those feelings to the front and into words that helped my body sigh and say, “finally!” I felt taller when I walked out her door.

   ~ Sherril G.  Fiber and cloth creator, Meridian, Idaho

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