Remote Sessions with Denise?

How does a Skype Session Work?

Once you have experienced a private healing session with Denise*, you may want to continue the healing work long-distance. Remote sessions allow you to complete a healing (discount) package if you neither live on Maui nor visit often. Established clients can also connect with Denise remotely to process a death, breakup, or any of life’s other challenges long after their initial work with her is completed. 

Healing happens in layers. As you live your life and progress on your healing journey, new layers and new issues emerge.  You won’t hop on a plane to Maui for a session with Denise every time this happens, but a long-distance session can give you the encouragement, good cry, or whatever you need to make it through a challenging phase.  Monthly- or even weekly- follow up remote sessions can give you critical support to shift completely into the healthier, happier person you’re taking your healing journey to become.

Anywhere there’s internet, you can stay connected and continue working at the depth you experienced in person. You call or email Denise to make an appointment and at the appointed time connect with her via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. 

The cost is $120/hr, paid through PayPal or Venmo plus 4% HI GE taxOne hour minimum, then charged in 10-min increments.

Contact Denise LaBarre for more information and to schedule.

* Note – Because of the physical nature of this work, the initial session needs to happen in person, hands-on. After that, most people can do remote sessions with fully-potent results.