When you have challenging clients with gray-zone issues…

How many times have you wrestled with a challenging client or patient whose issues are a combination of physical and emotional? Sometimes they have more “issues” than you are equipped to handle because of appointment time constraints.  Sometimes the tangle of issues is so massive, you don’t know where to start.  Humans are complex beings who don’t always walk into your office with discrete and tidy problems. So what do you do with the out-of-the box people whose presentation spans that imaginary physical-emotional boundary?

The person comes to you for a knee complaint but then spends the appointment talking about feeling stuck and depressed. Or a counseling patient has physical issues that clearly shift with mood and attitude. If they are not conscious about what seems like the elephant in the room, your greatest service may be to offer self-reflection.

You see the complex being they are

Challenging clients may need self reflection

Resource #1  Suggest that they take the Issues in Your Tissues Quiz to get them thinking about their physical-emotional well-being.  (You might want to take it yourself, to see how it works and whether the feedback is in line with your practice.)

Resource#2  Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out by Denise LaBarre.  It is available on Amazon and as eBook for various readers. Better yet, you can buy copies at wholesale and have them for sale in your healing office. My husband is a family practice physician and he loves having the books immediately available for his patients. Many of his patients aren’t in need of a psychiatric intervention but are bogged down by the stresses of life. And they are grateful for a low-cost, doctor-approved resource they can take home and work with.

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