New Class, in-person on Maui
How to Recognize and Heal the Issues in Your Tissues

University of Hawaii, Maui Campus


  •    What is the connection between my physical  symptoms and my thoughts and feelings?
  •    How can I free myself from old trauma?
  •    How do I deal with loss, grief, disengagement, anger, insomnia, anxiety, or depression?

Learn practical tips to recognize the emotional energy stored in your body. Explore the connection between emotions, and physical illness that can result from long-held emotional energy. Gather tools and resources to help handle life’s everyday stresses, heal illness, & build lasting well-being.

This work is especially relevant for the Maui community after our destructive wildfires. Everyone has “issues in their tissues,” and everyone willing to work with personal issues is brave, resilient and welcome.


Saturdays, October 12 & 19

1 2:00-3:30pm
UHMC campus, Laulima Building

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Taught by Denise LaBarre, Healing Catalyst and Author of Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out

For More information, call 808 . 575 . 2244 or look around on


If these classes are well-attended, we can offer the next-level class for healing professionals of all kinds.

Also, Zoom classes are possible online for everyone, anywhere. Please let Denise know of your interest and together we can make it happen.