Power Circle Ceremony

Power Circle Ceremony - Maui HealerA Powerful Ceremony of Transformation and Closure

A healing journey has a predictable arc – through discovery, release, and transformation. After the release of anger, guilt, sadness, unworthiness, etc, you want to consciously replace that stuff with love, joy, abundance, and gratitude.  Unfortunately many healing modalities miss this crucial step.

As part of her Private Session offering, Denise offers a unique, custom-made ceremony of transformation and closure: the Power Circle Ceremony. Together, you and she co-create a ceremony based on what you’ve come through, where you are now, and where you want to go.  You choose objects from Denise’s array of toys, symbols, and household stuff to represent what you call into your life now, instead of the old junk. You light a candle, and speak any words to release, call in, and affirm your healing changes. Denis is your witness and supportive guide, throughout.

The Ceremony began out of a client’s need to see his healing journey as finished and be seen as healed. He had already healed most of his “issues”, but didn’t quite feel complete. Denise spontaneously created a process for him to fill in his last few “gaps” and then feel and be seen as powerful and healed. The net effect was to honor and bless his journey and the whole man he had become. Having a witnessed ceremony of graduation was for him, the missing piece. He finally felt it, and it was so.

Since then, Denise has developed and expanded this ceremony with every client who is ready for it. The ceremony can include closure with an ex-partner, family member, or colleague – in absentia. This is creative, healing play is both effective and lasting!  Not everyone is ready for this ceremony, but when the time comes, it is an important step of completion and closure.

This is Deep & Transformative Play

A Power Circle Ceremony is different for each person, based on his or her unique process and needs.  Two Power Circles never look the same.  Objects chosen and steps involved vary each time. In all cases, Denise is a non-judgmental witness for confirmation and support. Each person connects deeply with his/her own Circle because it is imbued with personal meaning. The hands-on, visible nature of this process appeals to the limbic brain: felt experience rewrites old, dysfunctional patterns. The transformation is real. They feel it in their body. Clients take away a photo and/or an object blessed, and imbued  as a talisman, if they want one.

Therapists and healers, this can be a great resource for your clients who need to mark closure. It can also be a great resource for yourself to fill in any gaps or complete unfinished healing business you know you still have. Most healing journeys involve several modalities and more than one healer as guide and support. Whether the healing arc happens with Denise or she provides this final step of closure, it can provide a unique, missing piece.

Power Circle for Closure

We finished our sessions with a Power Circle Ceremony.  I had the final shift that melted the emotional traps that had ensnared me in a 10-year downward spiral that culminated in cancer. Denise has this breathtaking ability to hand you the tools needed to break the rock walls that block out your brighter, bolder life.  I recommend Denise to anyone that realizes they want the life of their wildest dreams.             ~ B. Corradini, Cancer survivor


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